English by Engrish: learning ESL from others' mistakes

About the Author

Stephanie is an American native English speaker and has been active in TESOL for over ten years in Los Angeles, New York City, Princeton, and Japan. She is currently an ALT in Hokkaido, and has taught and authored curriculum on Western academic writing for international and second-career graduate students at Princeton Theological Seminary, served as a T.A. for the Intercultural Communication course and Graduate Presentation Skills course for international college and graduate students and taught an art class to international high school students at American Language and Culture Institute, and worked as the assistant to the Student Services Coordinator at FLS International at Citrus College. She holds certificates in facilitating diversity dialogue groups through the Kaleidoscope Institute and in American manners through the Bullock’s department store Etiquette Course.
Her volunteer work includes planning and teaching community English classes in Hyogo prefecture and serving English and multicultural organizations such as at Princeton University: Friends of Davis International Center (Volunteer One-on-One English Tutor, Group English Tutor, Host Family) and International Spouses and Partners of Princeton University (Volunteer); at Princeton Theological Seminary: International Friends Network (President), International Students Fellowship (Volunteer), Asian Association at PTS (Volunteer); and The Princeton Theological Review journal (Publicity Editor and Associate Editor); at Azusa Pacific University: English Conversation Class (Co-President), Summer Fellowship (Co-Founder), American and International Mentoring (Volunteer), and Japanese Christian Fellowship Network (Volunteer). She is a lifetime member of the Oxford University Japan Society and Oxford University Asia Pacific Society, as she enjoyed being an international student at Oxford University for one term.
Her favorite animal is the flying squirrel.


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