English by Engrish: learning ESL from others' mistakes

About E-by-E

English by Engrish logo English by Engrish is for learning English in a fun and relaxed way! By studying history in school, we can avoid mistakes that others in the past already made, rather than learn things the hard way (by making the same mistake). Let’s apply this to language-learning too! Why not learn from others’ mistakes to improve your own English speaking and writing? English by Engrish teaches English by looking at examples of Engrish (mistaken English written by non-native speakers). You can learn how to write the sentence correctly, and why (grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation). This is especially important for cases in which the Engrish wording sounds inappropriate to native English speakers, such as the second-hand shop named “HARD-OFF.” You’ll also learn to recognize Wasei Eigo (和製英語, Japanese words that are derived from English or other languages but are not used in English-speaking countries) and learn the correct English translations of these words and phrases! This can help to communicate effectively when talking with native English speakers who do not know what words such as eko/eco/エコ, arubaito/arbeit/アルバイト, and kureemaa/claimer/クレーマー mean. English by Engrish is not intended to be an ESL course on its own, but it is designed especially for ESL / EFL learners to supplement their studies, and can be utilized by TESOL / TEFL instructors. Now let’s have fun learning English!


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